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DISH Network takes High Definition TV to a whole new level! On these available DISH Network packages, you get the industry's only 100% HD programming on the market. DISH has a wide variety of channels to choose from in HD programming packages in for your home entertainment needs. With packages starting out as low as $19.99 per month, great high definition programming is affordable for all families who want to get the most value for their dollar. DISH America packages deliver all channels in HD, Video On Demand with 1080p so you get the same quality as a Blu-Ray disc, the Hopper DVR with the best technology on the market and multi-room DVR capability. If you are a current subscriber, you can add HS channels for only $10 a month. With DISH you have all the options for upgrades whenever you choose so you can make your satellite TV package fit your entertainment needs. DISH Provides Viewers with the Ultimate Picture Quality

Along with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, the HD receivers from DISH offer crystal clear picture to create an amazing viewing experience. Call today to upgrade your package and get the most HD programming for the entire family. You can get premium movie channels like HBO, SHOWTIME, Cinemax and Starz all in incredible high definition! Choose from the America's Top 120, America's Top 200 or America's Top 250 packages for all-inclusive HD programming. Get Over 200 HD Channels

DISH Network offers over 200 HD channels so you can really take advantage of your HDTV! DISH has a variety of HD packages to meet any and all of your entertainment needs. If you want even more package variety, you can combine DISH HD programming upgrades with standard definition packages to mix and match and find the programming selection that fits your preferences. Get HD Today!

It's never been easier to access HD programming through DISH Network.

Here's what you need:
  1. HDTV - Found at your nearest electronics store if you don't already have HD capability
  2. An HD Receiver - You can find a variety of receiver options through DISH
  3. HD Programming - Over 200 channels through DISH!